20 Foods You Can Easily Re-grow From Kitchen Scraps

If you do your own grocery shopping, you’ll know that fresh produce can be expensive, especially if isn’t locally grown and sourced. Normally, a huge chunk of a family’s income goes to food and groceries. But with rising prices and food shortage problems all over the world, it’ll be beneficial for you and your family to think of cheap and easy ways you can grow some of your produce even just on a tiny scale.

Here are some ideas.

Bean sprouts from beans

Tutorial from WikiHow.

Bok choy from a bok choy core

Tutorial from 17 Apart.

Cabbage from a cabbage bottom

From Food Revolution.

Carrot greens from discarded carrot tops

Tutorial from Fidgety Fingers.

Celery from a celery core

Tutorial from Food Storage and Survival.

Cilantro from discarded stems

From Food Revolution.

Garlic sprouts from a garlic clove

Tutorial from Simple Daily Recipes.

Green onions, leeks, and scallions from discarded roots

Tutorial can be found here.

Lemongrass from discarded stalks

Tutorial by Garden Betty.

More ginger from ginger roots

Tutorial by The Rainforest Garden.

New basil leaves from basil cuttings

Tutorial from The Urban Gardener.

Onions from onion bottoms

Click here for the tutorial.

Peppers from discarded seeds

Tutorial by Dave’s Garden.

Potatoes from potato eyes

Tutorial at Garden Gate Magazine.

Pumpkins from discarded seeds

From Gardening Know How.

Romaine lettuce from its core

Tutorial from The Educator’s Spin on It.

Sprouted onions

Tutorial from Anktangle.

Sweet potato vines from a sweet potato

Tutorial from Home Joys.

Tomatoes from tomato slices with seeds

Tutorial from Homestead Lifestyle.

Avocado tree from an avocado pit

Tutorial from Apartment Therapy.

Pineapple from its crown

Tutorial by Rick’s Woodshop Creations.