4 Easy Homemade Natural Pesticides Every Organic Gardener Must Know

If you’ve recently embraced organic gardening, you might be in the running for new dedicated organic gardener if you already know how to make your own compost and organic fertilizers. You can take it one step further by concocting your own organic pesticides to ward off garden pests without harming your plants.

Many commercial chemical pesticides can do more harm not just to pests, but to plants, and eventually, to consumers. Just imagine chemical-laden pesticide sprayed onto crops, fruit-bearing trees, and herb gardens, and then all these produce consumed by you and your family, in your own home. It’s a disconcerting thought, isn’t it? Because of course, you would only want clean, healthy, nutritious food not just for yourself, but for your family. Organic gardening and using organic pesticides (when necessary) is one way to ensure you get to serve clean, healthy, organic food to your family.

Here are 4 easy, natural pesticide recipes you can make at home. These organic pesticides get rid of pests effectively without contaminating your fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and other crops with harmful chemicals.

Get cracking and try them now!

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