Bottle Tower Gardens: A sustainable and low-cost way to grow food in small spaces

Are you looking for a cheaper, easier, and sustainable way of growing vegetables and herbs in your own home? A bottle tower garden may be exactly what you need. In this video, Dr. Willem Van Cotthem of Ghent University, Belgium, presents his success with the bottle tower garden method through photo documentation.

Bottle tower gardens can be installed against the wall of a house, or along a perimeter like a hedge or fence. It’s a method that’s applicable anywhere in the world, and works in both rural and urban areas, even in smaller spaces like your balcony.

The number of bottle towers depends on how much produce you’ll need for an entire year and every year after that. Farmers, gardeners, and residents especially from developing countries or areas with dry, desert-like conditions, can take advantage of this low cost gardening method to grow food and help alleviate hunger and malnutrition.

Watch Dr. Cotthem’s successful work with bottle tower gardens:

[youtube id=”K9vN2eudWcQ” width=”750″ height=”420″ position=”left”]