Britta Riley’s Window Farm Project for Urban Apartments

Like many of us living and working in busy cities steeped in consumerist culture, Brooklyn, NY-based Britta Riley dreamed of growing her own food and becoming self-sufficient. This dream inspired her to start the Windowfarm Project—a hydroponic vertical gardening system for growing plants in discarded plastic bottles.

The idea is having an indoor garden that allows for easy year-round growing of greens, herbs, and small vegetables in an apartment window. The window automatically lets natural light in for the plants to use. Water is used instead of soil.

Riley made the project open to social media and crowdsourcing to gain ideas, contributions, and collaborations with individuals, businessmen, experts, and the online community.

Watch Britta Riley’s TED Talk video to get an idea of how you can build your own windowfarm:

[youtube id=”YhvfOlPYifY” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]

For more info on the Windowfarm Project, check them out on Facebook.