The Coolest Way to Have an Herb Garden

Looking for a unique and easy way to maintain an herb garden? Try creating a stacked herb garden. Having all your herbs in one stack of planters makes it easier for you to water them, since they’re all in one spot. Stacking the pots creates a beautiful layered effect once your herbs are all in place and thriving.


  • 7 flower pots – 4 medium, 2 large, 1 extra large
  • Spray paint
  • Herbs and flowers
  • Potting soil
  • Plant labels


  1. Prime and paint all of the pots. Allow to dry.
  2. Stack the pots starting with the extra large pot as the base.
  3. Turn one medium pot upside down and place in the middle of the XL pot. Stack one large pot on top of the upside down medium pot. Repeat this step until you get four layers. You may also add or lessen pots depending on the number of layers you want.
  4. Add your potting soil, herbs, and flowers. Put in your plant labels. Water as needed. Enjoy your herbs grow!

Note: You can customize the pots any way you want. Paint them, stencil them, doodle on them, decorate with gold foil or glitter—whatever you fancy.
Watch the video tutorial here:

[youtube id=”pwG11WYVdKM” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]