Crazy Bath Tub Gardening Guy is Really a Genius!

Chet Carney, expert container gardener

Like the ‘crazy cat lady’, never judge this ‘crazy-bath-tub-gardening-guy’ at first glance. Avid gardener Chet Carney has found an unusual solution to his rodent problem–bathtub container gardens!

Forty years ago, Chet started collecting bath tubs, and not just for the heck of it. He discovered they’re a perfect vessel for growing his plants, and a foolproof solution to his pesky gopher problem at the same time.

Bath tubs rarely rot, have built-in drains, and are made of thick porcelain, which gophers and other garden pests can’t dig their way into. Plus, people just give them away for free.

Chet’s gardening inspiration started when he planted his first bath tub container garden with his mother Jane, at just nine years old. He lives on a half-acre lot in Encanto in San Diego, California, and currently has around 250 tub gardens.

A lot of work and creativity goes into Chet’s bath tub gardens. He even has a few kitchen sink container gardens, but he hands down draws the line at toilet gardens. And yeah, we couldn’t agree more!

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From CBS 8 San Diego.