“Crazy Plant Lady” Grows a Jungle in Her NY Apartment

Move over, crazy cat ladies. There’s a “crazy plant lady” who might just give you a run for your money.

Meet Summer Rayne Oakes–model, environmentalist, author, and self-confessedĀ “crazy plant lady”. Looking at Summer, a typical model with a chic fashion sense, you wouldn’t initially think she’d be into getting her hands dirty…literally. That’s until you get to see the inside of her Brooklyn apartment–a 1,200 square-foot space she has converted into an urban jungle oasis. She is currently living with around 500 plants in her apartment!

Summer started amassing lots of plants in her apartment six years ago, and now, there are over 150 plant species thriving, including banana, pineapple, sweet potato, and even a useful toothache plant. She typically spends $100 a month on her plants, and thirty minutes taking care of them every day. This crazy plant lady had converted a closet into a kitchen grow garden, and even plays an assortment of trippy music for her living, breathing, plants to enjoy.

Her love of plants stem from a childhood of growing up in the country and being used to having plants around. In fact, she thinks it’s weird not to have any plants at all. Whether you’re a closet crazy plant lady, interested in growing a mini jungle out of your cramped city apartment, or just curious about quirky people and stories, you gotta admit, Summer’s apartment is something cool and inspiring.

Take a virtual tour of Summer Rayne Oakes’ very green urban jungle digs.

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