25 Creative DIY Plant Label and Marker Ideas

Gardening is so much fun. Starting off with seeds and seedlings, then helping and watching them grow and thrive is one of the greatest pleasures of life. But if you have a lot of plants under your care and you’re not yet sure which is which (don’t worry, it happens!), putting plant labels and markers would help you familiarize with your plants easily.

There’s no need to buy anything. You can use whatever materials you already have and make your own plant labels and markers using recycled materials. It’s more fun and cheaper too. Here are 25 awesome creative ideas to get you started.

Aluminum Can Plant Markers

Tutorial from Little House in the Suburbs.

Tutorial from Botanical Paperworks.

Baked Clay Plant Markers

Idea from Raised Urban Gardens.

Brick Plant Markers

Tutorial from Simple Details.

Chalkboard Painted Plant Markers

Tutorial from Farmhouse 38.

Idea from Empress of Dirt.

Chalkboard Vinyl on Wooden Sticks

Tutorial from Live Laugh Rowe.

Clay Cut-out Plant Labels

Tutorial from Say Yes.

Garden Gnome Twig Plant Markers

Tutorial from Swallow’s Heart.

Letter Beads Garden Markers

Tutorial from Meaningful Mama.

Painted Rock Garden Markers

Tutorial from Adventure-in-a-box.

Idea from Welke.nl.

Plastic Dinosaur Plant Markers

Tutorial from Punk Projects.

Popsicle Stick Plant Markers

Tutorial from Ashley Hacksaw.

Tutorial from Happy Money Saver.

Tutorial from Gluesticks.

Rainbow Sticks Garden Markers

Tutorial from Living Well Spending Less.

Recycled Can Lid Plant Markers

Tutorial from Creative Green Living.

Scrap Fabric Flag Garden Markers

Tutorial from Design Sponge.

Stamped Can Lid Plant Markers

Tutorial from Pin and Paper.

Stamped Polymer Clay Plant Markers

Tutorial from Wit and Whistle.

Tutorial from Apartment Therapy.

Stamped Spoon Plant Markers

Tutorial from Intimate Weddings.

Teabag Plant Tags

Tutorial from At Home on the Bay.

Tiny Pot on a Stick

Idea from Tidy Brown Wren.

Twig Plant Markers

Tutorial from One Hundred Dollars a Month.

Tutorial from Cathie Filian.

Vintage Spoon Plant Markers

Tutorial from Artsy VaVa.

Tutorial from The Magic Onions.

Washi Tape Plant Markers

Tutorial from Curious and Catcat.

Idea from The Pickled Herring.

Wine Cork Plant Markers

Tutorial from A Thrifty Mom.

Wooden Clothespin Plant Markers

Tutorial from Chatfield Court.

Wooden Spoon Garden Markers

Tutorial from Femme Fraiche.

Idea from Ready Set Read.