DIY Self-Watering Container Garden for Beginners

Container gardening can be so rewarding once you really get into it. But sometimes as a beginner, especially with zero experience with gardening or growing plants, container gardening can seem intimidating. In times like these, gardening hacks are your best friend. YouTube alone is a goldmine for how-to gardening tips and hacks by experienced gardeners. One of the genius hacks we recommend is this DIY self-watering container garden by Betsy Godfrey.

This self-watering planter has a built-in water reservoir, and a drainage hole to prevent over-watering. It’s the perfect planter for beginners because it’s functional and easy to take care of. This planter is also ideal for growing plants that enjoy moist soil like flowers, herbs, strawberries, and tomatoes. Hopefully, this can inspire you to move forward with your container gardening goals.

Check out this easy self-watering planter tutorial now:

[youtube id=”8tW6R7ZBjOM” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]