18 Genius and Doable Vertical Garden Ideas

These days, gardening isn’t a dilemma anymore even if you had little to no space to spare. If you want to grow your own herbs but live in a small apartment in a high density city where private yard space is a luxury, you simply have to think of clever ways to make space for your gardening. Time to go up and vertical!

Here are 18 smart and easy ways you can do vertical gardening.

Copper Pipe Hanging Planter

This copper pipe hanging planter is so pretty it looks like wall art. Tutorial by Laura Gummerman from A Beautiful Mess.

Green Wall Planter

Creating your very own green wall is easy with this wall planter tutorial by Lana Red of Lana Red Studio.

Hanging Bucket Planters

In case you haven’t thought of it yet, buckets make good planters too. Tutorial by Stephanie of Room 6.

Hanging Mason Jar Planters

Who wouldn’t agree that mason jars can hold almost anything and can make everything look so pretty? Even plants get an instant makeover when arranged in mason jars. Tutorial by Susie Frazer of Constant Contact.

Hanging Shoe Organizer Planter

Who would’ve thought the dollar store hanging shoe organizer can have another purpose that’s not for storing shoes? It doesn’t look too bad as a hanging planter. Tutorial by Pippa in Instructables.

Hanging Soda Bottle Planters

This might be the cheapest ever hanging vertical garden planter you would ever find out there. Tutorial via The Dirt.

Indoor Hanging Herb Garden

We’re obsessed with pretty hanging planters. Anything that saves space is also a huge turn-on. Tutorial by Amber of The Bird and Her Song.

Indoor Vertical Herb Garden

And just keep the hanging vertical planters coming! Tutorial via Survival Life.

Ladder Herb Garden

Do you have a rickety old ladder lying around somewhere? Give it a makeover and repurpose it into a vertical herb garden. Tutorial by Karla of Small Town Rambler.

Lattice Vertical Garden

This lattice vertical garden might look a bit intimidating at first, but it’s so pretty, it’d be a shame not to try it out. Tutorial by Michelle of Decor and the Dog.

Leaning Bookshelf Vertical Herb Garden

Books are always amazing, of course, but you can also use an old or new DIY bookshelf to house lovely green growing herbs instead. Tutorial by Ginger of Ginger Snap Crafts.

Leather and Wood Trellis Plant Wall

Give life to a plain, bare wall in your home by adorning it with an awesome trellis-style vertical garden. It’ll be an instant conversation piece when guests come over for dinner. Tutorial by Mandi of Vintage Revivals.

Modern Modular Vertical Garden

Modular has never been so in these days, and not just in furniture and organizing. The modular style has now found its way into container gardening. Tutorial by Lauren Piro in Country Living and Man Made.

Stacked Crate Planter

Wooden crates make beautiful, natural planters. Just stack them alternately to make a vertical garden. Idea via Little Green Dot.

Succulent Terrarium and Planter

Go get yourself one or more of these pretty clear hanging air plant terrariums and make a hanging garden of succulents. Tutorial by Eva of Adventures in Cooking.

Topsy-turvy Terra Cotta Pots

We only know of the topsy-turvy design style in cakes, so it’s a wonderful surprise it can be applied in gardening too. Tutorial by Beth of Home Stories.

Vertical Garden Wall

Instead of hanging your planters on a wall, you can make your own vertical garden wall. It’s not an actual wall, but more like an arbor wall. Tutorial by Shannon of A.K.A. Design.

Wooden Pallet Garden

Wooden pallets and plants go together like paintings and frames. Tutorial by BrightNest.