Grow Herbs With Success With This Helpful Cheat Sheet

Growing herbs especially for a first time gardener can be frustrating at times. The lack of a green thumb aside, it can and does feel like you’re going into a battle blind. But gardening is also a science. Based on observations and previous experience, you can improve your gardening skills and manage to actually keep something alive. There’s also something called a cheat sheet that you can use. It’s like “Herb Growing for Dummies”.

The Herb Grower’s Cheat Sheet includes the following:

  • a list of common herbs for growing indoors and outdoors
  • information relating to planting, care, and harvesting of each herb
  • key conditions to watch out for to determine a plant’s condition
  • a list of pests to watch out for
  • other general plant care tips and tricks like how to propagate herbs and do plant cuttings

Just follow the guide based on your region (UK-based) and this year will be the year you’ll get herb growing right.

Source: Country Living