Make a Living Terrarium Ornament for Christmas

DIY mini terrariums in clear, pretty vessels are IN these days. They add wow factor to any Christmas tree, and they also make cool gifts to anyone who can appreciate a little bit of greenery in their space.

Whether you’re making this for your own Christmas tree, or as gifts for family and friends, this is an easy and thrifty project you can finish in just a few minutes.


  • garden soil (no gravel)*
  • weeds, moss, or small plants
  • clear plastic ornaments (medium-sized)**
  • tweezers
  • paint brush or chopstick
  • funnel
  • small shovel
  • spray bottle with water

* Use soil specially made for succulents and cactus, like valley soil, which is sandy. If you don’t have it where you live, try first if your local soil is well-suited for succulents and cactus.

**Medium-sized ornaments are just the right size vessels for this. You can’t fit a lot with a small ornament, and although you can fit a lot in a large-sized ornament, the thin wire tops wouldn’t be able to support all that weight and the ornaments would fall.

For gift tags (optional):

  • decorative paper
  • glue or rubber cement
  • scissors
  • pencil


  1. Take your soil and spray it with water until it’s damp but not soggy.
  2. Remove the wire top of your ornament. Fill it one-thirds full with soil using your shovel and funnel. Make sure there aren’t any rocks or gravel pieces mixed in. While they’re useful for drainage, they also add weight to your ornament, which is what you’re trying to avoid.
  3. ┬áThis is the trickiest part. With the use of tweezers, stick the pointed end of your paint brush or chopstick to push the weeds through the ornament hole and into the soil. Make sure the roots are buried in the soil. Weeds are the best choice for this because they’re used to growing even in the most challenging and unusual spaces–like inside a Christmas bauble!
  4. Spray with some water just to dampen before replacing the wire top. Repeat for the remaining ornaments. Your living terrarium Christmas ornament is now ready for hanging. Pat yourself on the back afterwards and admire your fabulous work!

If you want to give away your DIY terrarium ornaments as gifts, read the rest of the instructions at The Little Big Blog to know how to make gift tags.