Make a Soda Bottle Garden in Minutes

If you’ve always wanted to grow your own herbs using without having to shell out a lot of money, taking up too much space, or feeling like it’s too much of a chore to do, you might want to try the soda bottle garden method. A soda bottle garden is a great way to recycle used plastic bottles and do simple gardening at the same time. It’s cheap and doesn’t take too much time and effort.

Omar Mujica went to culinary school and loves cooking with fresh herbs. Despite not having a green thumb, he still wanted to grow his own herbs, so he looked for a simple gardening method he could use and discovered soda bottle gardening.

Now, having successfully grown his own herbs, he spreads the wisdom of soda bottle gardening and growing your own food.

Watch Omar demonstrate how to create a soda bottle planter:

[youtube id=”ErT_B0L6qMU” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]