The Nano Farm: Vertical Gardening with Less Water

We’re inspired by people who come up with innovative and modern ideas to gardening and growing food which is also sustainable and doable for the average gardener. One of these recent innovations is the Nano Farm–a vertical gardening system designed for abundant harvests and low key maintenance.

The Nano Farm is designed by Bright Agrotech, a company that sells innovative and high quality vertical farming equipment. The company’s flagship product is the ZipGrow Tower, a ready-to-use vertical gardening structure. The Nano Farm is a combination of the ZipGrow Tower and aquaponics farming technology, and by doing so, the company has taken vertical gardening up a notch.

The Nano Farm is compact, lightweight, and can be easily set up within a few minutes. Bright Agrotech didn’t just want a productive vertical garden, they wanted a system that’s also aesthetically pleasing. Whether you’re looking at it right in front of your face or from a few feet away, the Nano Farm looks lush and gorgeous, like something out of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The system works great for growing flowers, culinary herbs, and salad greens.

Bright Agrotech envisions the Nano Farm set up in homes, schools, offices, and restaurants all over L.A. To know more about the Nano Farm and how you can get one, check out their website.

Take a look at how you can grow more food with less water with the Nano Farm:

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