3 Resourceful Ways to Recycle Eggshells in the Garden

There are more than a dozen ways you can cook or use eggs, but did you know that you can also make use of eggshells? Eggshells can be recycled in the garden as organic fertilizer and pest control among other things. So the next time you make scrambled eggs for breakfast, remember to save the eggshells for your garden.

Here are 3 helpful ways to recycle eggshells in your garden.

As fertilizer

Eggshells are composed of calcium carbonate. When tilled into soil or mixed into compost, eggshells provide calcium to plants. Just like calcium is essential for building healthy bones, so it is for building healthy cell walls for plants.

Eggshells mixed with other organic matter in your compost help new plants thrive. They also help aerate the soil and reduce its acidity.

To prep, rinse the eggshells in water. Arrange the eggshells in a wide container and leave to dry out in the sun. When they’re all dry, crush them into tiny bits with a wooden spoon. They’re ready to be used as fertilizer, and nope, they won’t smell nasty at all.

As organic pest control

Although this has yet to be proven scientifically, many gardeners swear that a smattering of sterilized crushed eggshells on top of garden soil can help deter several garden pests. But use sparingly to avoid attracting rodents in your garden.

As seed starters

Because they’re biodegrable and can be re-used as fertilizer, eggshells make perfect seed starters. For this, you need to reserve the deeper shell halves. Sterilize the eggshells first by boiling and drying them out, or leaving them in a cooling oven immediately after baking food. Make a hole in the bottom of the eggshells for drainage. Add soil and seeds according to packet instructions. When sprouts appear, you can re-plant them, eggshells included, directly into the soil.

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