Santalaia: The Coolest Vertical Garden in the World

When you live in a fast-paced, densely populated city where towering buildings and miles of concrete is all you can see day in and day out, it’s hard not to long for the peaceful respite of trees and fresh greenery. It may be more challenging to carve out an impressive green space in the middle of an urban jungle, but it’s possible, and Santalaia is the perfect example.

Santalaia is the largest and probably the coolest vertical garden in the world. Located in Bogota, Colombia, Santalaia is a multi-family residential building with a unique feature. Over 33,000 square feet (3,117 sq. m.) of it is covered in a layer of 115,000 plants, making it look like a a living green building. The building itself is nine stories high and completed in 2015. The vertical garden project was completed by Paisajismo Urbano and Groncol after 16 months of careful planning and installation.

The garden can produce enough oxygen for over 3,100 people every year, filter more than 2,000 tons of harmful gases and more than 881 pounds of dust, and process 1,708 pounds of heavy metals. Various plant species were included to encourage biodiversity. It’s not just beautiful to look at, but it’s also beneficial to the people and the environment. Here’s to hoping other cities in need of green spaces will catch up with great ideas such as this soon.

To know more about Santalaia, take a virtual tour of this lush green oasis at the heart of the city.

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