Self-watering Planters Let You Grow Your Own Cherry Tomatoes Indoors

Have you always wanted to grow your own organic cherry tomatoes but feel intimidated of gardening work in general? Imagine how easy it’ll be to make your own pizza and pasta dishes when you can just pluck cherry tomatoes from the vine right in your own home. Thanks to old technology re-imagined in a new form, indoor gardening will be easier and less of a chore.


Oakland-based startup business Back to the Roots, came up with a genius idea—a self-watering planter inspired by an ancient and low-tech technology that does the watering for you. The key to how this works is a miniature clay pot called an olla—a low-fired clay pot traditionally used in Africa for thousands of years. The olla pot has the capacity to hold water that seeps slowly from its porous sides.

Back to the Roots self-watering planter comes with a 64-oz. mason jar filled with “organic moisture-balancing biochar and organic nutrient-rich soil”, organic cherry tomato seeds, and two organic fertilizer spikes.

If interested, you can check the Back to the Roots website, or buy the self-watering planters at select Home Depot and Barnes and Noble outlets nationwide. If indoor gardening is as easy as this, this is one product that will easily be sold out. That means we’d want one too.

Here’s a glimpse of how this self-watering planter works:

[youtube id=”ulgVqpgzc8c” width=”750″ height=”420″ position=”left”]