Shape-shifting Origami Pots That Grow with Your Plants

Imagine if you had a pot that adjusted to the size of your plants as they grew. In short, a pot that grows along with your plants. That way, when your plants got bigger, you wouldn’t need to transfer them to a bigger pot or a garden, which is ideal especially for those living in city apartments and have limited space. Enter Growth, the original ‘origami’ pot.

Growth is an innovative pot that grows together with your plant, expanding to accommodate more soil and roots when needed. It is the brainchild of London-based designers Begum and Bike Ayaskan of Studio Ayaskan. They specialize in innovative products and installations.

According to Begum and Bike, “We were very much interested in the interaction the two (plant and pot) had with each other. We wanted to show that even a very simple object, like a plant pot, could be improved and changed by understanding its life cycle and implementing behavior patterns through geometry and structure.”

In Growth, they created a carefully calculated origami design, which mimics nature’s ability to grow and transform by unfolding over time. They infused a manufactured object with the ability to evolve, adapt, grow, and be reused, similar to what is found in nature and organic objects.

The pot itself is made of polypropylene, which is a highly resilient material. A polypropylene mesh is attached to the base which allows the water to drain. How does it work? As the plant spreads its roots, it pushes the geometric walls of the pot outwards, which causes the origami-like structure to expand up to four times the volume. It’s a sophisticated and innovative design that will likely be a hit with many plant owners, especially those who live in the city.

Interested? You’ll have to wait a while since the designers are still currently in discussion with manufacturers to get Growth in production.

Learn more at Studio Ayaskan.