Take a Peek at the World’s Tallest Vertical Garden

One Central Park in Sydney, Australia was voted the world’s best tallest building in 2016. It is also home to the tallest vertical garden in the world.

One Central Park is a high-rise residential building with a special feature–a 1,200 sq. m. vertical garden. The garden boasts a total of 85,000 plants and 350 plant species, including varieties of pink, purple, and red bougainvillea, dwarf bottle brushes, and a  mix of grasses and ferns. All plants are grown hydroponically in polyethylene plastic containers. In the northern tower, motorized Helio static mirrors reflect light down onto the gardens below. The building is sustainable and recycled water is used for irrigation.

The building design was a collaboration between architect Atelier Jean Nouvel and PTW. The vertical garden was designed by French botanist Patrick Blanc, pioneer of the vertical garden, and an expert in tropical plants. Blanc is sought-after for his luxury vertical garden designs, and has ongoing projects in cities all over the world.

From afar, One Central Park is a magnificent sight, and looks like a living, breathing Sydney skyline. All plants used are suitable for a green wall in a suburban garden. Anyone can take inspiration from this to create their very own vertical garden.

Take a sneak peek at the world’s tallest vertical garden in Sydney, Australia.

[youtube id=”sVcnI8vTBu0″ width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]