Tokyo Office Grows Own Food in an Ultra-modern Vertical Farm

Urban farming is steadily gaining more attention these days. As modern and densely populated cities continue to experience an influx of people, one of the problems that need more alternative solutions is growing enough fresh and organic local food to feed the ever growing population.

One office at the heart of modern Tokyo, Japan, has come up with an ingenious solution to feed their own employees. They grow their own food right inside the office! When you step inside the Tokyo headquarters of the Pasona Group, a human resources company, you can’t help but notice the rice paddy right smack in the middle. And if that hasn’t wowed you already, take a tour of the building and you’ll discover a lettuce factory in an underutilized room, flowering orange and blueberry trees in the cafeteria, bean sprouts growing inside a drawer under a bench in the cafeteria, tomatoes growing in a guest room, and pumpkins plus cucumbers growing in a trellis overhead in the reception area. The company grows 200 species of fruits and vegetables via vertical farming techniques and aquaponics, including rice that’s harvested from the small rice paddy. Sunlight is simulated via LED lighting. Humidity is controlled via a mist-releasing device. It looks and feels like an abundant modern garden of Eden in an office building.

The goal of the company is “symbiosis with nature”. Their CEO believes that being surrounded by plants and greenery helps create a healthy working environment for all employees. And when the work environment is healthy, workers are able to perform at their best physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s an idea so genius we hope more urban offices can catch onto the idea soon.

Take a tour of this urban farm office in Tokyo:

[youtube id=”qJMZRIRkZWs” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]