Window Farming for Urban Gardeners

Think you don’t have the space for a garden? Think again!

Here’s a city guy’s take on a window farm in his very own apartment. It really works. He’s got tomatoes and Thai peppers and has harvested lots of basil, thyme, and nasturtiums.

He’s using Britta Riley’s hydroponic vertical gardening system, aka “Window Farming.” Window Farming is a method of growing things year round in practically any window. The plants survive on natural light and “liquid soil,” or water with added nutrients.

You can use old soda bottles as containers, so the cost to set one up isn’t very high. Because the liquid soil is re-used, ongoing costs are low.

Take a look at this proud urban gardener’s window farm.

[youtube id=”lvDIZaK9GmI” width=”750″ height=”400″ position=”left”]